I became acquainted with magic when I was a child. The first trick that I learned was a trick by Rodolfo (the most famous Hungarian magician) like all Hungarian children did at that time.

The magic is my life, my life is a magic

I grew up surrounded by street magic and stage magic. I have performed in Váci Street, Budapest, Hungary, and competed regularly in magic competitions, where I was nearly always in the top three. The competitions were organized by the Corodini Club, which is still active today.

Later, I stepped back from magic a bit and focused on my studies.
I then worked in IT, so I was able to combine the two things I was most passionate about.
Magic and IT. Thus, I founded Hungary’s first online magic shop in 2001.

That’s when I met Astor, my best friend to this day. Introducing me to the world of secrets he had built, he showed me the details. Due to his extraordinary thinking, logic, and ingenuity, he has created and invented many effects and tricks that are deservedly admired and famous worldwide.

I am proud to be his friend. Also, we talk a lot about magic, tricks, magic events, and things in our lives.

In January 2022, I had the chance to move to Australia.
It’s a beautiful country! I’ve wanted to live here since I was a child. The people, the culture, and the surroundings are all so wonderful.

It didn’t take long and the magic started to miss. Astor and I talked quite a bit, so I wondered why I shouldn’t open an Astor Magic online store here.

The magic is my life, my life is a magic

Since he is a close friend of mine, I do not only enjoy the tricks and effects that he shows on the site, but also the respect and love that characterizes our friendship.

You can ask and search with confidence. It is my pleasure to answer your questions and explain where the tricks came from.