One of the best perfect match effect on the market.
Ready to go!


This is a super easy to master and perform version of the pencil trough banknote effect.
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A very visual quick prediction change, you can perform in both parlour and close up conditions as well.
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Domenico Dante

Not only brilliant and original ideas, high quality magic but also a serious reliable person, creator and dealer.

Jeff McBride

Astor alwayas impresses with his new wonderful creations.

John Bannon

Astor’s tricks are always extremely clever, and his props are extraordinarily well-designed and made. He is also one of the nicest guys in the business.

Mickael Chatelain

Astor is just a genius he is an inspiring source for many creators and I am his first fan!

Peter Nardi

I have known Astor for many years and his creations never fail to amazing me. Always commercial, always fooling, and more importantly always fun. If I see Astor on the list of dealers at a convention he is the first stand I head to.

Simon Aronson

I use one of Astor’s utility devices in my act and is extremely well-made and it’s works like a charm. Astor’s originality, his methods are ingenious, efficient and devilishly deceptive.